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LifeRise AIDS Resources PO Box 306
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LifeRise Projects

Supportive Care for People on HIV Treatment

All people living with HIV (PLWH) in the world need to be on lifesaving HIV treatment (called ART). Once started on ART, PLWH are on it lifelong.  PLWH need supportive care to stay on ART.

LifeRise Executive Director, Dr. Cynthia Calla, has developed guidelines for churches and Christian ministries to facilitate adherence clubs, a special type of support group for PLWH -- Adherence Clubs:  An Essential Strategy To Care for People Living with HIV, Guidelines for Churches and Christian Ministries.  Adherence clubs provide supportive care to help PLWH adhere to ART, stay in medical care, and become stable lifelong on treatment.  The clubs also provide community delivery of ART, close to home where people live.

Dr. Calla has also developed a training module, Supportive Care for People on HIV Treatment, with the Global CHE Network. This module trains Christian volunteers to provide supportive care for PLWH to be stable on treatment.

Dr. Calla also wrote the attached paper to help mobilize the church to respond to the future of HIV treatment.

The Need

Treatment with antiretroviral medicines is life-saving. A person may be on death’s door and experience dramatic improvement. Lifelong once started, treatment can turn AIDS from a death sentence to a chronic disease.

Goal of Treatment for Everyone

HIV-infected people on treatment have improved health. They are less infectious to others. All CD4 restrictions to start treatment have been lifted by the World Health Organization (WHO). UNAIDS has set targets for all HIV-infected people to be on treatment.


There are many challenges to expanding treatment in poor countries. Supply from donors and governments may be unreliable. Health facilities, trained staff, and laboratory testing may not be accessible. Viral resistance develops from treatment interruptions to which the poor are prone given the hardships of their lives.

Gap in Services

Although treatment is expanding, millions in need are not receiving it. Those already on treatment have to be maintained. There is a long way to go to achieve universal treatment.

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LifeRise Strategy

Mobilize the Church

Generally, the church and Christian ministries like LifeRise are not able to supply the medicines for treatment, as this requires a life-time commitment to HIV-infected people. However, we can provide supportive care services to help people reach stable treatment.

Supportive Care for Treatment

LifeRise AIDS Resources projects help provide the following supportive care services for treatment:

  • Facilitate access to antiretroviral treatment
  • Support for adherence
  • Treatment of opportunistic infections
  • Food and nutrition for those on antiretroviral treatment

Ultimate Healing

Jesus has been called the “Great Physician” (Luke 4). LifeRise projects direct people to Him as the ultimate source of their healing and restoration to wholeness.

  • Emotional and
    spiritual care
  • Community and church networks for decentralized delivery of drugs
  • Household income generation to offset cost of treatment
  • Strengthening health systems and training health care providers

Other interventions related to treatment may be found under palliative care.


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