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LifeRise is empowering vulnerable people to prevent HIV.

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Contact Us: 301-865-9302
LifeRise AIDS Resources PO Box 306
Frederick, MD 21705-0306 USA
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LifeRise Projects

Kenya and Tanzania

LifeRise projects in Kenya and Tanzania have taken an HIV prevention video to rural villages and schools. They have done HIV testing in some communities where they have shown the video.


Dr. Cynthia Calla, Executive Director of LifeRise AIDS Resources, has participated as a volunteer chaplain with HopeSprings to test people for HIV at church sites in urban Baltimore as part of an outreach called City Uprising.


Cynthia traveled to Cambodia in 2009 and tested people in the community for HIV. Also, she ministered to sick prisoners with AIDS. She trained a local health worker to test and counsel.

The Need

The majority of people with HIV around the world do not know that they have this deadly disease. They lack medical care, transmit the virus unknowingly to others, and are unprepared for their future living with a terminal illness.

Simple Test Available

10 minute tests are available to let a person know his or her HIV status. Testing is accompanied by confidential counseling to assess risk, explain the disease, and explore life changes. This process is called voluntary counseling and testing, or VCT.

Emotional Crossroads

The process of bringing HIV status from the darkness of uncertainty to the light of reality is often fraught with deep feelings. People tested come to a crossroads in life. Individuals not infected learn to change behavior to remain so. Those infected face shocking news they have a deadly disease. In 10 minutes, their whole lives are changed. They need to be supported emotionally and understand how to “live positively” with their disease.

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LifeRise Strategy

Access for the Poor

LifeRise AIDS Resources projects make testing and counseling available to some of the poorest and sickest people in the world. Individuals and whole families learn their status. Churches receive training and offer VCT to their communities for powerful impact. Additional avenues of ministry open up access include testing pregnant women, specialized testing for children, youth-friendly services, and premarital testing.

Life-Changing Counseling

LifeRise projects also improve the quality of the VCT process to be more emotionally supportive. Counseling is crucial to help people change attitudes and behavior, address fears and emotions, and deal with disclosure and marriage issues. 

VCT is a tremendous ministry to those with spiritual needs. People deciding to get tested come face to face with their own mortality, and are usually very open to the hope of the gospel.


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