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Contact Us: 301-865-9302
LifeRise AIDS Resources PO Box 306
Frederick, MD 21705-0306 USA
LifeRise® AIDS Resources, Inc.

Spiritual Care

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LifeRise Projects

We rejoice that thousands of people have experienced the compassion, healing, and transformation of Christ through LifeRise ministry.

Care Projects

Our orphan and palliative care projects have integrated spiritual care with provision of health and social services:

  • Adults and children have attended discipleship retreats and support groups; received transport to church; and received Bibles and Christian educational materials;
  • Sunday school teachers have been trained;
  • Volunteers have given emotional support in home visits.

Prevention Education

In our education projects among the Maasai in Tanzania and Kenya, presenters of an HIV prevention video in villages also shared the gospel through personal testimonies, distributed Bibles, and showed the Jesus Film.

AIDS Chaplaincy

Dr. Cynthia Calla, Executive Director, is an endorsed healthcare chaplain with the Assemblies of God. She's providing AIDS chaplaincy services in poor urban areas of the US and developing spiritual care resources for LifeRise grantees overseas.

The Need

Those suffering because of HIV/AIDS have deep spiritual needs. This tragic disease touches individuals in spheres closest to their core being – their health and most intimate relationships.

Spectre of Death

A diagnosis of HIV may feel like a death sentence, especially where treatment is not accessible. Emotions, fears, anxiety, and depression surface. People infected wonder about the purpose of life, meaning of suffering, and existence of an eternity. 

Individuals when confronting death begin to review their lives and prepare for their future, including arranging care for their children and completing life tasks. 

Moral Questions

People infected face considerations of morality, including sin, guilt, shame, and forgiveness.

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Marriage Troubles

Marriage issues are significant:  need for disclosure; loss of trust; feelings of anger and betrayal; decisions whether or not to have children; how to live in a discordant relationship; threat of violence, separation and divorce.

Pain of Stigma

Those infected may encounter the pain of stigma in their families, communities, and churches. 

Family Needs

Children with HIV need careful disclosure at the right age to understand their disease.

Partners and family members face many of the same issues and emotions as a person infected as they adapt their lives to the entrance of HIV into their households.


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LifeRise Strategy

Spiritual Care Close at Hand

LifeRise AIDS Resources partners with local Christians who share the counsel, strength, and hope of the Lord with those hurting from HIV/AIDS. They minister to all the difficult issues. Pastors lead their churches to become places of grace, refuge and care. Church members reach out to serve in their communities.

Powerful Interventions

Our projects may involve a rich diversity of spiritual care, including pastoral and spiritual counseling, evangelism, discipleship, support groups, Bible studies, church planting and establishment, and community outreach. 

Holistic Transformation

In all our projects, we seek to meet physical and spiritual needs, bring the life-giving transformation of the gospel, and mobilize the church to respond to HIV/AIDS.

LifeRise Vision

Jesus offers “a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of spirit of despair” to individuals suffering because of HIV/AIDS. He promises that broken lives will become “oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor” (Isaiah 61). What a picture of the transformation of the gospel!  

The vision LifeRise has for those
vulnerable and hurting from AIDS:
  • Compassion and healing for sickness
  • For affliction, there is empathy and restoration 
  • Instead of the rejection of stigma, Christ brings acceptance and unconditional love
  • Jesus grants abundant and eternal life through redemption
  •  Individuals with changed lives expand the kingdom of God in their communities and transform their cultures

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