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Contact Us: 301-865-9302
LifeRise AIDS Resources PO Box 306
Frederick, MD 21705-0306 USA
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LifeRise Projects


LifeRise has provided several grants in India to evangelical Christian ministry SHADOWS to care for adults and children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. SHADOWS conducted a special form of support groups called adherence clubs for people living with HIV (PLWH).  Beneficiaries attended retreats, and received Bibles and home visits. The projects provided food for people on antiretroviral treatment, as well as healthcare, including for pregnant women and end-of-life care. Families were assisted to prepare wills. Children received school uniforms, books, and supplies.

Other Countries

Additional LifeRise grants for projects to care for PLWH have been given to grass roots partners in Cambodia and Cameroon.  Beneficiaries received food and healthcare, emotional and spiritual support, teaching about HIV, and hospice care.  Care providers and volunteers have been trained to provide supportive care.  The Cambodia project included care to prisoners.

The Need

Continuum of Care

The long road of HIV is marked by real suffering. At every step along the way, compassion is called for. Palliative care is physical, emotional, social, and spiritual care throughout the entire course of HIV infection for adults and children. It includes supportive care for people on HIV/AIDS treatment (See Treatment).


Palliative care includes end-of-life care. This may be for people who can't take treatment, as well as those who have AIDS-related illnesses not responsive to treatment, such as cancers. Hospice care transforms dying from being alone and afraid to being at peace knowing Christ.

Intense Needs

There is a dirth of palliative care in developing countries where LifeRise AIDS Resources serves. The intense needs of individuals and their families challenge the capacity of community support. Stigma discourages households from seeking services.

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LifeRise Strategy

Local churches and volunteers provide palliative care at home or in hospice. They assist community agencies. They partner with health facilities to provide supportive care for people receiving antiretroviral treatment.

Physical Care

  • Primary medical care before and during HIV/AIDS treatment;
  • Preventive care, for example, antibiotics to prevent opportunistic infections, treatment of latent tuberculosis, insecticide-treated bed nets to prevent malaria, and water treatment and safe storage;
  • Management of AIDS complications;
  • End-of-life care, including pain management.


  • Counseling, such as for disclosure and bereavement;
  • Mental health care;
  • Support groups.


  • Strengthening caregivers;
  • Efforts to reduce stigma;
  • Gender interventions, such as women's networks;
  • Legal services, like help writing a will. 


See Spiritual Care.

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