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Contact Us: 301-865-9302
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LifeRise AIDS Resources prevents HIV/AIDS by educating and empowering people to make healthy choices.

LifeRise Projects

HIV Education Outreach

Dr. Cynthia Calla, Executive Director of LifeRise, has developed an education tool for the church and Christian ministries to share about HIV in their communities -- HIV Education Outreach:  Sharing the 4 Most Important Messages About HIV.  We are interested in giving small grants to organizations which want to use the tool. 

HIV Prevention Video

LifeRise has awarded small grants to indigenous ministries Maasai Pastoralists for Education and Discipleship (MAPED) in Tanzania and Full Gospel Churches of Kenya (FGCK) in Kenya to reach members of the Maasai ethnic group with HIV prevention. With grant funds, the ministries presented an HIV/AIDS prevention video entitled The Fire is Coming in rural villages and shared the gospel. Holly Freitas (, a missionary with ReachGlobal, developed the video and assisted the ministries with the grants.

The ministries have also done some HIV testing and counseling on their village trips.  In addition to village visits, FGCK also showed the video at schools.  They also discussed HIV on the radio and responded to listeners who called in. They trained school teachers as mentors to help students prevent HIV through God's design for abstinence until marriage and faithfulness in marriage.

Elotuto Video

View the short, English sub-titled version of the video. Produced by Paul Bahn, Modesto, CA, Viewing requires the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, which may be downloaded from

The Need

God's Design

The most effective way to prevent HIV is to follow God's design for marriage and family and His principles of healthy relationships. This includes abstinence until marriage ("waiting for sex" or "saving sex" until marriage) or return to abstinence for the unmarried, and mutual faithfulness in marriage with an uninfected partner.  Also, the public health view for abstinence may include delaying the age of first sexual relations; faithfulness may include decreasing the number of partners.

Alternative methods of behavioral prevention are not as effective.

Alternative Methods of Prevention

Condoms are only 50 to 80% effective when used correctly and consistently. Incorrect use is the same as no protection at all. Consistent use is rare among regular partners. Circumcision is at best 60% effective. Treating another sexually transmitted infection to prevent HIV may already be too late.


People who are stable on HIV treatment ("virally suppressed") do not pass the virus to others.  Treatment as prevention means people have to rely on others to take their medicines in order to protect themselves.

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LifeRise Strategy

Educate and Empower

LifeRise prevention educates and empowers people to act on what they hear. Projects focus on transmission through sexual relations and injecting drug use.

Empowerment may be at an individual level, such as signing an abstinence covenant. Or, it may be at a family, peer group, church, or community level, such as a youth club, or leadership movement of pastors and churches to change social norms.

Most important, LifeRise offers the transformation of Christ and empowerment of the Holy Spirit to make beneficial choices.

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Prevention of Sexual Transmission in Generalized Epidemics

ABC Approach

Generalized epidemics are those such as in African countries where HIV infection exceeds 1% in the general population, expanded beyond high-risk groups. LifeRise AIDS Resources uses the ABC approach to prevent sexual transmission in generalized epidemics -- Abstinence, Be Faithful, and Correct and Consistent Use of Condoms.

As Christians, we emphasize A and B -- abstinence until marriage or return to abstinence for the unmarried, and mutual faithfulness in marriage with an uninfected partner. From a public health perspective, delay of sexual initiation and reduction in number of partners may also be included.

Uganda Success -- A and B

Uganda is a dramatic success from ABC. In the 1990s, HIV infection decreased from 18% to 6%. This achievement came from a massive ABC education campaign. Research has shown that A and B contributed more than other factors. Christian pastors and churches were highly instrumental in promotion of A and B. See the impressive chart for Uganda.

Since Uganda, other countries have also shown infection decrease mainly from A and B, including Kenya and Zimbabwe. See the Kenya chart.

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Ultimate Good of A and B

The most compelling reason to choose A and B is God's intent for marriage as a sacred covenant. This ideal is a life commitment between one adult man and one adult woman grounded in mutual love and respect, with sexual relations taking place consensually only within the bonds of marriage.

The most significant love relationship in life is a personal relationship with God through Christ; those who find this relationship will desire to choose God's plan for their other relationships to please Him and do what is right.

LifeRise believes that youth who choose abstinence until marriage and marriage partners who are mutually faithful will experience the greatest possible love, trust, intimacy, and fulfillment in their relationships.

Role of Condoms in LifeRise Projects

Condoms are important for discordant marriages where one spouse is HIV-infected and the other is not. Otherwise they are a "last resort" for those who are not able, ready, or willing to choose A and B.

So individuals may exercise their God-given free will to make informed choices, they need full and accurate information about all options. This means
LifeRise projects inform beneficiaries as appropriate for age about risk reduction alternatives such as condoms, even if they do not feel it is their role to actively promote or distribute these options.

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Prevention of Transmission in High-Risk Groups

Goal of Risk Elimination

LifeRise AIDS Resources projects reach out to those at high risk of HIV infection, such as prostitutes (also called commercial sex workers or CSWs) and injecting drug users. We believe in the ultimate good of risk elimination and help those who desire to break free from these lifestyles begin new lives. However, because we also value a compassionate response, we may consider projects that incorporate temporizing measures for risk reduction such as condoms.


Following Christ’s example in His ministry to value women and elevate their status, LifeRise supports projects that prevent sexual exploitation in prostitution and trafficking, as well as rescue and empower women to escape. We also consider projects that support women in their transition, such as night-time care centers for children.

Injecting Drug Use

LifeRise believes that controlling substances rob an individual of personal freedom and a sound mind. Injecting drug use with shared needles transmits HIV. Use of drugs and alcohol leads to impaired judgment which often results in high-risk sexual behavior. LifeRise supports prevention and rehabilitation projects for injecting drug users related to HIV.

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