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Contact Us: 301-865-9302
LifeRise AIDS Resources PO Box 306
Frederick, MD 21705-0306 USA
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Latest News

Guidelines and Training Modules

LifeRise Executive Director, Dr. Cynthia Calla, has developed guidelines for churches and Christian ministries to facilitate adherence clubs, a special type of support group for people living with HIV (PLWH) -- Adherence Clubs:  An Essential Strategy To Care for People Living with HIV, Guidelines for Churches and Christian Ministries.  Adherence clubs provide supportive care to help PLWH to become stable on lifesaving HIV treatment and stay on it lifelong. Also, see TREATMENT.

Dr. Calla has also written two HIV training modules with the Global CHE Network.  The first training module  HIV Education Outreach:  Sharing the 4 Most Important Messages About HIV is to share in villages and with other groups to "get the word out" about the most important things to know about HIV.  Also, see EDUCATION.

The second CHE training module Supportive Care for People on HIV Treatment is to train Christian volunteers to provide supportive care for people living with HIV to help them to be stable on treatment. Also, see TREATMENT.


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Other Important News

Healthcare Chaplaincy

LifeRise Executive Director, Dr. Cynthia Calla, is an endorsed healthcare chaplain with the Assemblies of God. She has ministered in urban community outreach as a volunteer chaplain to patients living with HIV.  She took special training called Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD.


LifeRise has provided small grants in Tanzania and Kenya to Christian ministries to take an HIV prevention video around to show in Maasai rural villages. Holly Freitas is our missionary partner. She developed the video. Holly has presented the video ministry at the annual Global Missions Health Conference in Louisville, KY and at the International Social and Behavior Change Communication Summit in Indonesia. See EDUCATION for more information on the grants.

LifeRise Grantee Wins Award

The LifeRise AIDS Resources grantee, Remember the Poorest Community (RPC) in Ethiopia, received an award for their LifeRise grant as a model of "good practice" at a meeting of 300 Christian relief and development organizations. The award was given by the President of Ethiopia in the presence of four cabinet ministers.

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